ska mission

SKA's core mission is to craft actionable plans and designs for exceptional places and place-based connections as interrelated and interdependent elements of a scalable design continuum.


SKA creates innovative strategies and designs in engaged collaboration with clients and stakeholders to transform regions, cities, communities, and neighborhoods into active, livable, interconnected places.


SKA applies its broad design and planning expertise to integrate the multiple systems of functional infrastructure, green infrastructure, local heritage, and active living that create valued and sustainable places.


SKA combines vision, pragmatism, skill and passion to attract motivated partners, funders and implementers to the challenging and rewarding process of realizing transformative plans.

2 Responses

  1. David kosanda

    Dear John: I an\m working g on the Gralow family book. and the phone number I have is always busy. It seams that your cousins have your phone number. I will try Phil. Hope to hear from you.
    thanks David

  2. john calvert

    Hi. I met Phil and Kevin in March when I visited New Haven, on the way to Detroit. I stayed with Chuck Alexander and his new wife, Verta. The trip was a great success. First time I,ve been in the states for at least 20 years.


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