#22 | Promethean Walk Update

The Firefighters Art Park [ing] Court is getting ready for the mythic and heroic Promethean Walk sculpture. Bloomington artist, Dale Enochs, developed a quarter scale model of the Promethean Figure that was unveiled at the FDIC Conference this Spring.

This work of public art will be a 125 foot long assemblage of incised limestone and internally illuminated layered metal forms. The heroic sixteen foot tall striding figure of Prometheus will be a striking landmark for walkers and cyclists along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail and motorists approaching downtown along College and Mass Avenues. Prometheus holds an orb of fire, the mythological gift to humankind representing creativity and, if not respected and controlled, danger. The Promethean Walk will be part of the visitor experience, including the schoolchildren visiting Survive Alive. The footings were installed last year under the stonedust walkway, and Dale is preparing to order the limestone later this year.