#19| Hope Downtown Revitalization Plan, Workshop 1

Hope Downtown Revitalization Plan Workshop 1

Storrow Kinsella is working with the Town of Hope to revitalize its downtown historic Town Square district. An energetic Main Street of Hope committee of residents and business owners is spearheading the effort.  A region of well-tended family farms borders the compact town of 2,100 people. The revitalization plan seeks to enhance the town’s position as a regional resource and cultural destination while remaining true to its roots.

Hope is invested in it's unique heritage and culture evidenced in both spirit and place of the district.  Making the downtown economically sustainable and relevant to today’s needs is an exciting and challenging collaborative process. A consensus plan is emerging from creative community conversation, and will be unveiled in the coming months. The Republic newspaper covered the first public workshop held on March 30 (link >here ). The workshop presentation can be viewed at link >here (be patient, a large file to download). A second workshop is scheduled for April 27.

The Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs and the Indiana Office of Tourism Development have provided the matching grant for the study through the Place Based Investment Fund for Quality of Place Initiatives. The study is intended to position Hope for future grants for implementation of the plan’s components over time.

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